Your SPCC Plan will include regularly scheduled inspections and integrity testing that must be documented.  The SPCC rule requires that you keep a record of the inspections and tests, signed by the appropriate supervisor or inspector, for a minimum period of three years.

Williams & Company Consulting, Inc. has teamed up with Dashboard Advantage to make required inspections faster and easier than ever.  Dashboard Advantage is a mobile, online data collection and reporting system that will assist facility owners with their SPCC recordkeeping requirements.  Dashboard Advantage customizes forms that are specific to your facility.

With Dashboard Advantage you will have the advantage of:

    • Faster and easier inspection processes
    • Improved accessibility and security of the information you need to validate regulatory compliance
    • The data you collect will be turned into actionable reports for rapid issue resolution of compliance issues and provide valuable insights into the operation of your facilities
    • Improved communication and accountability
    • All leading to Operational ExcellenceDashboard

For more information on Dashboard Advantage visit: http://www.willconsult.com/dashboard/.

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