Professionally Prepared Spill Prevention, Control and Countermeasure (SPCC) Plans

Williams & Company Consulting provides comprehensive Spill Prevention, Control, and Countermeasure (SPCC) compliance services
for a variety of facilities from farms to bulk oil distributors. Our knowledgeable compliance team has prepared hundreds of SPCC Plans
throughout the U.S. and provided clients with the expertise necessary to meet their regulatory compliance requirements.

Go to to take our new SPCC course that provides: 1) an overview of SPCC regulations,
2) how to determine what type of SPCC plan your facility requires, and 3) the required contents of an SPCC plan.

SPCC Applicability

If you store oil or oil products
(i.e., diesel fuel, gasoline, lube oil, hydraulic oil, adjuvant oil,
crop oil, vegetable oil, animal fat or heating oil) at your facility with a . . .

SPCC Applicability

You will need an SPCC Plan.


SPCC Purpose

Spill Prevention           Control          Countermeasure


Spill Prevention operating procedures to prevent oil spills at the facility.
Control measures (such as secondary containment) installed to prevent oil spills from entering navigable waters or adjoining shorelines.
Countermeasures to contain, cleanup, and mitigate the effects of an oil spill that has impacted navigable waters or adjoining shorelines. Find out more . . .

What our Clients say

  • Our facility was recently inspected by the EPA. Williams & Co prepared us for the inspection, telling us what to expect. We had maintained our SPCC Plan prepared by Williams and we had conducted the periodic inspections.  At the end of the inspection the EPA inspector told us that he has seen over 80 different SPCC Plans in the last few months but our Plan was the best he has ever seen.  Williams’ staff is personable, professional and I could not recommend them more highly.

    — Clay Dark, Dark Oil —

  • We’ve got a handful of sites that needed SPCC plans and we knew improvements were going to be necessary. Williams responded quickly to our request and sent us the SPCC plans in short order. They helped us through the thought process of what improvements were necessary and the many options that were available.

    — Don Kramer, Kramer Oil —

  • We are a bulk facility providing contractors, businesses and farmers with fuel.  Williams prepared our SPCC plan in short order and was very helpful in discussing the options for improving our facility.  A few years after our plan was completed I asked Williams to help me explain to my farm clients what the SPCC requirements were.  Williams offered, and did come out to our facility and conduct a meeting for farmers.  It was low key matter of fact and my clients appreciated it very much.

    — Dave Brown, Dave’s Oil Service —

  • The EPA told me that I needed a fence around my bulk plant.  Williams helped me prepare security measures so that a fence was not required.  Very helpful and practical service.

    — Bill Ballard, Bill’s Service —


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