If your facility needs an SPCC Plan, it will be classified into one of three types of facilities. Your facility classification will determine how your SPCC Plan must be prepared.  To find out what classification and SPCC Plan you need, see the graphic below.

tier I or II

Every SPCC Plan must be prepared in accordance with good engineering practices and certified by a Professional Engineer (PE) unless you are able to, and choose to, self-certify the Plan.  Williams & Company has joined with Environmental Advisors and Engineers, Inc. in putting together a team of specialists to assist facility owners in their compliance with the EPA’s regulations on SPCC Plans. The team of specialists has skills in engineering, law, accounting, risk management, and information management.

Our compliance consultants do not produce SPCC Plans that simply restate the regulations. Our SPCC Plans follow the SPCC regulations, but are specific to your facility and your compliance requirements. A properly implemented SPCC Plan will work toward the goal of spill prevention, control and countermeasures and protect you from unwanted violations and fines. So even if you have a Teir I or II facility and are able to complete and self-certify your SPCC Plan, it doesn’t mean that you should. Responsible owners must take all reasonable steps to protect the environment and their facility. Below are just a few of the most common violations issued by the EPA:

  1. Lack of training for employees
  2. Lack of recordkeeping
  3. Failure of the plan to note areas of noncompliance. (Yes, that’s right, you get a fine for noncompliance and a second fine for not stating the noncompliance in the SPCC Plan.)

Williams & Company not only provides an excellent SPCC Plan (click here to see sample SPCC Plan) but we also provide SPCC employee training and SPCC recordkeeping (through Dashboard Advantage) addressing the most common EPA violations. In addition, we stand behind our SPCC Plans. If the EPA issues you a violation for an exception we did not note in the Plan – we will reimburse you the amount of the fine up to the cost for your SPCC Plan. For details see our sample SPCC agreement.

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